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The Rock Out For Jack Bottle will be full steam ahead for 2021. For those that have donated, and continue to donate, we are truly grateful for each and every one of you. If you happen to have empties that you wish to kindly donate, please reach out, we gratefully look forward to hearing from you.

This initiative to help bring in a little source of extra income for Jack’s ongoing medical expenses not covered by OHIP or other sources has gone Viral. Read more about it HERE.

– Would you happen to have empty wine bottles, beer bottles, and/or beer cans?

– Are you looking to minimize clutter in the garage, as Beer Stores are limiting returns?

– Would you like to kindly support an inspiring young Stittsville boy?

I will happily pick up donated returns (beer cans and beer/wine/liquor bottles) anytime at your convenience. Or you you are more than welcome to drop by anytime…419 Montserrat Street, Stittsville

We will be gratefully collecting for the foreseeable future. Please consider sharing Jack’s story with your loved ones. We would be forever thankful if you were to kindly donate your empties.

Thank you for reading ❤️

Gregory Brown